Not really blogging

A. Makelov


Here are collected links to my posts about math and related stuff.

Serious stuff

What does the Banach-Tarski theorem have to do with the axiom of choice?

Fundamental domains – derivation of some sufficient conditions for quotients of topological spaces by group actions to be homeomorphic to the corresponding quotient of a fundamental domain.

Arbitrarily biasing a coin in 2 expected tosses – on an amazingly efficient way of simulating biased coins using fair coins.

Metaphysical ramblings

Reflections on “The library of Babel” and computational complexity – on how Borges’s “The library of Babel” is cool, and how thinking about it can introduce you to ideas from computational complexity.

Reflections on “Orphans of the sky” – on how Heinlein’s “Orphans of the sky” is interesting, and what it has to do with topology.

Thought I’d write a short story as well – on how I don’t even know what I’m writing about, and how vihart has cool math-y, Borges-y videos.

Yossarian Lives! – on how math (computational linguistics) can help us expand our horizon of creativity, sort of maybe.

Think Small: Part II, blue eyes – on how I blogged about the coolest logical puzzle I know of, and how I never showed you the solution even though I’d promised I would. This goes to show that I’m Not Really Blogging, in case you forget.

Think small – on how I blogged about a fairly cool logical puzzle, and on the usefulness of looking at small cases when solving problems involving recursion. But since you never know in advance, you should always look at small cases.


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