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A. Makelov


I’m Alex. I very much enjoy mathematics, literature, theoretical computer science, and music.

On the math side, I’m interested in the Olympiads and have taken part in a few. Occasionally I teach contest math to high school kids back at home and have a lot of fun doing it. In academic terms, I like analysis, combinatorics, and topology (I don’t really get along with algebra). On the music side, I play electric guitar, want to learn some more music theory and how to do super awesome blues improvisation, and am a huge fan of Pink Floyd. As for computer science, that’s something fairly new to me, but also something familiar since it seems to be closely related to combinatorics and competition-style problems. And literature – I enjoy reading books (doh…) and writing short stories (this is a pretty recent thing though). I used to do physics in another life, but this is no more – still, I have some basic interest in the field.

I currently study mathematics and computer science at Harvard College.


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